Who Should Attend?
- All Electricians
- Maintenance &
  Electrical Supervisors
- Machine Operators
- Maintenance Millwrights
  & Mechanics
- HVAC Technicians
- Field Service Technicians
- Building Engineers
- Stationary Engineers
- Professional Engineers

arc flash warning

NFPA 70E manual

After having been lenient with companies for many
years, OSHA has finally delivered an ultimatum:
Get compliant or get fined!
Is Your Company Compliant?
Your company MUST satisfy the following six items to be OSHA and 70E compliant:
  1. Does your company have a written and up-to-date “Electrical Safe Work Program"?
  2. Have you conducted an Electrical Hazard Assessment in your facility to identify shock and arc hazards?
  3. Have you labeled all equipment showing the following three minimum things: Nominal System Voltage, Arc Flash Boundary and Available Incident Energy
  4. Are you supplying appropriate PPE as determined by your hazard assessment and it is being used properly?
  5. Do you have an OSHA and 70E acceptable training program and have you established (with documentation) which employees are qualified to work on electrical systems? Are you auditing them on an annual basis?
  6. Are you maintaining all equipment to manufacturer’s specifications or industry consensus standards?
  7. Have you Introduced effective methods to mitigate the available incident energy levels?

  8. Training is defined as classroom or on the job. Online or web-casts are NOT recognized as methods for acceptable training. Companies are also responsible (LIABLE) for all contractors they use, so more and more companies are now demanding their contractors also attend 70E training.
Are You Qualified?
OSHA and the 70E are quite clear in that only QUALIFIED personnel are permitted to work on electrical equipment. They define qualified as someone who has the skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of the electrical equipment and installations and has received safety TRAINING to recognize and avoid the hazards involved.
If you have not received training in identifying and avoiding electrical hazards (70E Training) then you are not qualified. It does not matter how long you have been working in the electrical field.
YOU MUST BE TRAINED to recognize and avoid the hazards.
Arc Flash Statistics...
  • 80% of electrically related accidents and fatalities involving “Qualified Workers” are caused by arc flash / arc blast.
  • An estimated five to ten arc flash explosions occur daily across the US.
  • There is an electrical related fatality every two days in the US.
  • 2,000 workers are treated in specialized burn trauma centers each year as a result of arc flash injuries.
  • Medical costs for severe electrical burns can exceed $4M per person.
  • Work-related injuries can cost businesses well over $15M in fines, medical costs, litigation, lost business and equipment costs. “A good safety program is just good business.”
  • More accidents occur with 480V equipment than on higher voltage equipment.
  • 21% of electrical injuries (including arc flash) tended to be permanent.
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Bryan is easy to understand and well prepared. His passion for electrical safety and his understanding of electrical hazards makes this one of the best classes I have ever attended.
TW - Mitsubishi Electric

...the instructor is down to earth, knowledgeable and makes the class fly by. I have learned so much today about being safer when troubleshooting.
GK - SAB brewery

This is by far the best training we have got for our money. These guys know their stuff and make learning fun.
Great job
SG - Safety Dept. AA Mines

Having now worked in the electrical field for 20 years it was an eye opener to learn about the Arc and blast hazards. Bryan does an excellent job of sharing his industrial back-ground and experience in helping us to be safer electricians.
AG - Eaton Ohio